The importance of LED illumination


+ The importance of LED illumination

LED Illumination for Machine Vision

LED (Light Emitting Diode) is a versatile light source used in the expanding machine vision industry due to its affordble cost, availability and peak performance. It is of no doubt that LED illumination is a vital component in the machine vision system. The type of LED illumination for machine vision is determined by specialized applications for various projects. The main aim in choosing the right lighting is to get suitable images for a particular application. This is actually very important to achieve the best results in examining flaws. Contrast is the key for obtaining the right image to be analyzed. Selecting a suitable light source to get the optimum image is definitely an “art” in machine vision.

LED illumination has become part and parcel of the machine vision system. It can produce a very uniform and focused illumination at specific angles. To deliver the illumination in various spread of angles, lenses have to be incorporated with the LED. The advantages of LED illumination for machine vision includes flexible shape design, long lifetime, fast response time, low total running cost and available in different colours (white, red, green, blue, ultraviolet and infra-red). Our LED illuminators have proven track record in various machine vision applications

Flexible Shape Design

Consists collection of individual LEDs
Provide much greater shape flexibility
Have greater freedom in designing the shape
Have freedom in designing size
Can meet variable application needs

Long Life

Have intensity half life from 10,000 to 50,000 hours under continuous use
Heat development can be controlled by system

Fast Response

Have fast response time
Can display LEDs strength by switching multiple illumination or switching multiple circuits in a single illumination
Can be synchronized with a strobe or camera
Also can regulate with high-precision pulse modulation

Selectable Color

Image will vary depend on lighting illumination

Low Total Running Cost

Low initial installation cost for daily operation & maintenance
LED illumination system offer great advantages in cost performance